Residential Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows add an incredible richness to a residential interior, and they also enhance the visual interest of the exterior of a building. In this article we present images of stained glass windows from Canada and from Chicago.

On the exterior of a house, the irregular panes of glass in a leaded window twinkle and reflect both sunlight and the building’s surroundings, adding a sparkle that contrasts wonderfully with the other materials used in the house.

A stained glass heraldic shield, surrounded by clear leaded squares of glass, and corner jewels create a rich texture on the outside of this 1897 architect-designed home.

But it is on the inside of the house that stained glass windows reign supreme. Adding colour, mystery, sparkle and surprise, stained glass windows can be simple or extravagant. They can be – for all intents and purposes – paintings set into the wall of a house, or they can be simpler decorative elements that reflect the design of the rest of the house.

Sunlight coming through stained glass can send brilliantly coloured little searchlights of colour across a room, highlighting objects with a halo of colour, and adding an unexpected and surprising dimension to your home.

Living with stained glass windows in your rooms can be an enriching experience.

This large, horizontal window was set above a dining room sideboard in a 1912 Pattern Book house in Victoria, Canada, which was built from plans from the Los Angeles-based ‘Bungalow Craft’ company.

The same house features this intricate window in the front hall. Garlands of leaves are set into squares of beveled clear glass and surrounded by strips of caramel and green glass.

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