Residential Stained Glass Windows

An impressive stained glass window in the stairwell of an architect designed home dating from 1912. The torch and wreath motifs are popular during the Edwardian period (1901-1910), but it is unusual to find an asymmetrical design with non-matching design elements.

A simpler staircase window in a contractor built house from 1912, composed of just two colours of glass, set into a clear field.

A slightly more complicated design for a window from c1910. This is set high into a wall over a piece of furniture, hence its name of a ‘piano window’. The field glass is of a type known as ‘glue-chip’ glass.

A beautiful stained and leaded window in the English Arts & Crafts style, using clear glass and green ‘bottle’ glass rondels. This window is in a house designed by the prominent British Columbia architect Samuel Maclure. The design is directed by the shape of the available coloured glass.

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