Residential Stained Glass Windows

A pair of windows showing a ‘Poppy’ design from the Arts & Crafts period.

An Aesthetic stained glass panel c1880-1890’s The combination of ‘sunbursts’ with the stylized floral design and the brightly coloured borders are hallmarks of the period.

A Tiffany window – “Field of Lilies” c 1910. Made at Tiffany Studios in New York. It measures 37” w. x 53”h. Apart from hands and faces which were hand-painted, Tiffany relied on the colours in the glass itself to attain the effects of drapery and texture and shading.

Another Tiffany window. “River with Trees and Flowers” c 1910 was also made in New York. It measures 36” w. x 56” h. This window uses the ‘plating’ technique to add visual depth to the window.

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