The Room Beautiful: The W. L. Donehower Wallpaper Catalog of the 1920’s

Here is the W.L. Donehower Wallpaper Line from 1925:
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The W.L. Donehower store on Market Street, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania c1955
After the store became a full service Sporting Goods store
Image from the book: Images of America: Lewisburg
By Marion Lois Huffines and Richard A. Sauers
Arcadia Publishing 2010


From the W. L. Donehower booklet – 1925

Wallpapered rooms from the 1920’s were beautiful and appropriate for the houses they were in.

Different from the preceding Arts & Crafts rooms that were popular from c1905 until 1920, and softer that the Art Deco rooms that were to come in the 1930’s, the rooms of the 1920’s had a grace and comfort level that was all their own.

Historical references cannot be underestimated at this time period.  You can see that the popularity of the 150th Anniversary of the American Revolution in 1926 left its mark on everything to do with homes during the 1920’s – from the architecture to the furniture, from the wallpaper designs to the style of lamps used in the rooms – there was a patriotic undercurrent in how people lived, and that reinterpreted style, popular through the 1920’s continues to be referenced in the rooms we live in, even today.

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